7 Easter eggs in the Despicable Me movies – You wont believe the last one!

The thrill in watching animated films may not lie entirely in the characters and events taking place, but in poring over the movie frame by frame, in search of Easter eggs. An Easter egg in a movie is not actually an egg but a deliberate inside joke, a feature in an interactive program, a hidden message and a reference to real life features. There are several Easter eggs in the minions movies.

1. The resemblance between minions and Gru’s daughters

The minions, or the yellow blobs, are a fascinating breed of creatures working under their more human master, Gru. Gru has three daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes. There is nothing strange about the daughters until you notice that they have a striking resemblance to each of the three minions. The tall minion, Kevin, is a depiction of the eldest daughter, Margo while his one-eyed counterpart is no different from Edith.

2. Reference to President Nixon

The three yellow minions make their way to New York where they come across a campaign poster of a US presidential candidate, Richard Nixon. The poster carries the words: “Finally A Name You Can Trust”. However, there is nothing to trust about this presidential candidate as he was known for being very crafty.

3. TV Cameos

The minions are going about their business in New York when they decide to watch TV. Watch carefully when they shuffle through the channels and you will get glimpses of Dragon Tales and the Big Comfy Couch. Reference to the more contemporary films may suggest that the producer of the Despicable Me had taken advantage of the fact that Dragon Tales and the Big Comfy Couch were public service television shows; hence, had no issue with copyrights.

4. The minions’ gibberish language

You can find an Easter egg in the minions’ seemingly nonsensical language. Most of what they say may not be clear but if you listen hard enough, you will hear a smattering of English, French and host of languages used across the world. One minion describes a banana as “Miam Miam” which is a direct translation from French meaning sweet.

5. Twisted pieces of fine art

As the camera pan out in the girls’ bedroom, you realize that the girls’ father, Gru, had stolen some famous works of art such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. A closer look will reveal that Mona Lisa’s forehead has been twisted to reflect the one-eyed minion. If you look hard enough, you will discover Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” leaning against the wall on the floor.

6. Marketing bananas

This could be attributed to the unprecedented success of the movie, Despicable Me. You will notice that the minion is holding bananas and each of the bananas has a sticker. To promote the movie, the producers had to print one billion stickers so that each banana in the movie would bear one.

7. Lucy’s cell number

Most movies won’t clearly display phone numbers as characters exchange contacts. However, in this movie, Lucy gives Gru her cell number and it is clearly visible as 626-584-5723. Now, this is a real phone number which you can call if you wish to listen to Kristen Wiig in character.

This movie is full of many more Easter eggs. You can locate them but you have to watch the movie again and again. The Easter eggs serve to add intrigue to the plot and make it more enjoyable.